Kopec Explains Software
Computing concepts simplified
#121 Shareware with Richard Moss

We interview the author of "Shareware Heroes: The renegades who redefined gaming at the dawn of the internet."

Classic Episode: What is a Byte? (Remastered)

The most fundamental unit of memory.

#120 What is FreeBSD?

The most popular operating system you never heard of.

#119 Myths About Open Source Software

We dispel five common misconceptions.

#118 Five ChatGPT Myths

LLMs are not going to kill us.

#117 Early Video Game Console Software

How did software on the NES work?

Classic Episode: What is an Operating System? (Remastered)

Operating systems for laypeople.

#116 The Smallest Possible Programming Language

Brainf*** is a really small Turing-complete programming language.