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#78 How Does Amazon Make Money?

Income and sales are very different by Amazon division.

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer. But they are so much more. They sell cutting-edge consumer electronics like the Kindle and Echo lines, they provide services to ecommerce vendors, they provide consumer streaming services, they own physical stores, and most importantly for their bottom line, they run AWS, Amazon Web Services. In this episode we explain the importance of AWS to Amazon, look at the numbers from Amazon's most recent quarterly report, and discuss their historically low profit margins.

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#77 What is a Memory Leak?

And how do modern programming languages help?

#76 What is Protected Memory?

Also known as memory protection.

#75 Why are Technical Interviews so Intimidating?

What is whiteboarding!?

#74 Hackers (1995): Fact or Fiction?

What's real in the cult classic?

#73 The Swift Programming Language

Popular and a niche at the same time.

#72 The Missouri Governor and Tech Illiterate Leadership

Viewing HTML is not Hacking

#71 How Does Facebook Make Money?

Facebook's Business Model

#70 Steve Jobs Remembrance

The legacy of Steve Jobs for people in tech.