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Classic Episode: What Is Software? (Remastered)

Our first ever episode remastered!

We're out sick this week, so we remastered our first ever episode. It's a little more general in scope than what we typically cover on the podcast, but we think it still holds up. We'll see you in two weeks!

We define software. What is software? How is it different than hardware? What is the language of software? What are the different kinds of software? Who makes software? How do they make it?

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#110 What Is Mastodon?

How does it differ from Twitter?

#109 How Is Memory Managed by Programmers?

Manual memory management vs garbage collectors vs reference counting.

#108 How Does Mozilla Make Money?

How is Firefox development funded?

#107 Free Software vs. Open Source Software

What's the difference?

#106 Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks

Write once, compile twice?

#105 The 2038 Problem

It's Y2K all over again!

#104 Web Apps vs. Native Apps

The pros and cons of platform-specific apps.

#103 Expert Systems: A Forgotten Area of AI

Artificial Intelligence systems that can explain their conclusions.