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#98 How Does Apple Make Money?

Is it more of a hardware company or more of a software company?

It has long been debated whether Apple is more of a hardware company or more of a software company. In its quarterly reports it does not delineate between the two. Instead, it breaks its revenue into four big product categories and services. It cannot be pigeon-holed—it is a fusion of hardware, software, and services. Growth in services, in particular, has been a major focus of the company for the past decade and now accounts for almost a quarter of its revenue. In this episode we get into the details of Apple's latest quarterly report and its long term strategy.

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#97 What Are APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces are at the core of modern software development.

#96 What is a BIOS?

The firmware that sits between the hardware and the operating system in a PC.

#95 DataOps, Data Pipelines, and Estuary Flow with Johnny Graettinger

The world of data stores has become complex and fragmented.

#94 Software Piracy

What does it mean to "steal" software?

#93 Phone Location Tracking

How is the location of your phone determined?

#92 Python

Why is Python arguably the most popular programming language in the world?

#91 PayPal's Early Innovations

Payment by email and cutting edge fraud prevention.

#90 Binary Search

One of the most fundamental algorithms in computer science.