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#71 How Does Facebook Make Money?

Facebook's Business Model

Facebook's been in the news again, and as usual it's not a positive story. In this episode we dive into some of Facebook's financial statistics from their most recent quarterly filing with the SEC. We then talk about their business model and how your use of Facebook plays into it. We discuss some of the inputs into Facebook's algorithm, and how the data points you generate for Facebook are used to target you with advertisements. Finally, we touch on the Facebook whistle-blower, whether Facebook should be regulated, and how Apple has hurt Facebook's revenue.

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#70 Steve Jobs Remembrance

The legacy of Steve Jobs for people in tech.

#69 The Objective-C Programming Language

Smalltalk Meets C

#68 Open Source Business Models

How does open source make money?

#67 Clive Sinclair and his Personal Computing Legacy

The man who made computers affordable in the UK.

#66 What is a Firewall?

Firewalls protect computers and private networks from unwanted network traffic.

#65 What is a Device Driver?

The interface between the operating system and a hardware device.

#64 What is a Content Management System?

Almost every large website uses a CMS.

#63 Intel's Current Challenges

Competitors are not just nipping at its heels, they're taking bites.