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#66 What is a Firewall?

Firewalls protect computers and private networks from unwanted network traffic.

Firewalls protect computers and private networks from threats originating across the wider Internet. They come in both hardware and software flavors. They ensure unwanted network traffic is turned away or dropped and that legitimate traffic is only routed to the appropriate application. They work by both simply blocking ports and by analyzing packet data. Windows has had a built-in firewall since Windows XP. In this episode we provide a basic overview of firewalls.

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#65 What is a Device Driver?

The interface between the operating system and a hardware device.

#64 What is a Content Management System?

Almost every large website uses a CMS.

#63 Intel's Current Challenges

Competitors are not just nipping at its heels, they're taking bites.

#62 What is an Algorithm?

Steps to solve a problem.

#61 What is a Data Structure?

Organizing data efficiently in memory.

#60 What is JavaScript?

The programming language of the Web.

#59 What is HTML and CSS?

The languages that define web pages.

#58 GitHub Copilot's Controversies

Legal, programmatic, and educational issues.