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#24 The Browser Wars

Web browsers have battled for supremacy for thirty years!

Throughout the three decade history of the Web various browsers have battled for supremacy. In the 1990s it was Netscape Navigator versus Microsoft Internet Explorer. More recently, Google Chrome has dominated Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple's Safari. In this episode we dive into the history of the browser wars. We look at the various periods of web browser development, and identify how one browser's success or failure led to the rise of another. Ultimately we find connections that link every popular browser to every other.

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#23 The Mac's Instruction Set Architecture Transitions

From 68K to PowerPC to X86 to ARM

#22 Why was the IBM PC a Big Deal?

The IBM PC set the standard in personal computing for decades.

#21 How have UIs Evolved?

The user interface is our window into the computer.

#20 How do Digital Images Work?

Computers would be boring without images.

#19 What is Linux?

The most important piece of software in the world.

#18 How does Email Work?

Email is not as complex as you might think.

#17 What is Encryption?

Our online world couldn't exist without it.

#16 The Personal Computer Revolution

How did the PC revolution get started? (1975-1980)