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#60 What is JavaScript?

The programming language of the Web.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world for a simple reason: it's the only client-side programming language in every web browser. In this episode we'll discuss its purpose, history, and all of the places that it's used. We'll also get into why it is so heavily criticized.

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#59 What is HTML and CSS?

The languages that define web pages.

#58 GitHub Copilot's Controversies

Legal, programmatic, and educational issues.

#57 Version Control Systems, Git, and GitHub

Managing source code changes over time.

#56 What is the Cloud?

It sounds scary, but it's just servers.

#55 What is Java?

The most popular programming language in the world and a platform.

#54 What is Compression?

A trade-off between time and space.

#53 Developer Tools

Programs to make programs.

#52 One-Year Anniversary

We celebrate one-year of Kopec Explains Software.