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#54 What is Compression?

A trade-off between time and space.

Compression is a classic trade-off between space and time. Compressed data uses less space than the original, but it takes computational time to compress and decompress the data. In this episode we discuss the purpose of compression, some basic ways that compression works, and some common applications of compression. We distinguish between lossy and lossless compression, and we talk about algorithmic techniques like run-length encoding and dictionary based compression.

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#53 Developer Tools

Programs to make programs.

#52 One-Year Anniversary

We celebrate one-year of Kopec Explains Software.

#51 What is Lossless Audio?

Higher Quality Audio for Apple Music and Spotify

#50 What is DRM?

Digital Rights Management or Digital Restrictions Management?

#49 Apple vs Facebook on App Tracking

Who's feeling the pain?

#48 What's it Like Studying Computer Science in College?

An Overview of Undergraduate CS Programs

#47 The C++ Programming Language

The object-oriented successor to C.

#46 What is The Internet of Things?

A thing connected to the Internet.